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Generators Description  

Decorate MySpace Profile


change background color, image, and customize many settings... Basically change the look of your profile



Moving Lines Effect


Lines moving on the background. It's really cool. Try it!



Cursors Effect


Change the cursor on your page. Everyone visits your page will see that cute cursor.



Hide Your Friends


Hide Your Friends from visitors



Text Editor


Create cool text with no HTML skill. You can learn HTML font attribute from this tool too.


Link & Image Filter Effects

Change the effect of your image and link in normal state and when the mouse over them. The effects are cool! Work on IE...  

Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar Generator - to customize your own links on Myspace navigation bar


Cool effect on links (image and text) when people move mouse over.  

Banner Generator

Customize your banners and use them for many purposes. You will get codes to put the banner at "XXXX is in your extended network" section  

Flash Gallery Builder HOT!

Automatically build your gallery slideshow that you can put on any webpage including MySpace  

The Famous Ticker COOL!

Customize your ticker like this  


Many goodies for your profile and sending to friends. Check them out! There are tons of them and they are the coolest in the web.  

Fun Addons to your MySpace:

Generators Description  

Playlist Generator

A great MP3 playlist generator. It hosts your playlist and player for you. All you need to do is put in links and titles. IT's COOL.  

Online Now Icon

Cool myspace online now icon... get yours...  

Funny Crazy Videos


These videos are great. They will make you laugh, scared... Get code to put on your page share that laugh to your friends.





Make your friends enjoy their stay on your page by putting these games on your page.



Falling Object


Put falling effect on your page. You can use image or simple symbols.



MySpace Comment Pix

Put these beautiful pictures to comment your friends. Impress them!!!  
Myspace Profile Editor
MySpace Profile Editor
Design, Edit the whole profile with this profile editor, easy to use MySpace Editor
Friends Space Generator Friends Space Generator
Ggenerate your custom top 12, 16, or even 40 friends in your friends space!
Myspace Extended Network Generator
Extended Network
Put a custom image on the " xxx is in your Extened Network " section
Flash Music Player
Flash Music Player
Super cool flash player, play a list of your mp3 songs
Myspace Whore Me Generator
Whore Me
Create the WHORE ME codes for bulletin
Auto Comment Generator
Auto Comment Generator
Want your friends to post a comment you desire with just one click? Try this!
Falling Objects Generator
Falling Objects
Create snowing / raining / falling objects effect.
Myspace Contact Tables Generator
Conact Tables
Customize your contact box / contact tables
Myspace Song Codes Generator
Song Codes
Generate the code to play a song on your profile
Glitter Text Generator
Glitter Text Generator
Generate a Glitter Image word or sentence
Myspace Video Codes Generator
Video Codes
Generate the code to play a video on your profile

Bulletin Repost Button
Need to repost or ask someone to repost the same bulletin? Use this generator to create the button
Myspace Comment Box Generator
Comment Box
Create a custom comment box for your profile, your visitors will be able to comment you without clicking the "Add Comment" link
Overlapping Text Generator
Overlapping Text
Overlapping text
Nav Bar Generator
Nav Bar Generator
Replace myspace's default navigation with your own
Online Now Icons
Online Now Icons
Change your Online Now Icon!

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